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Nov 01, 2014

Shining a Light On Pets and Grief

Anyone who has lost a pet knows the incredible grief and pain that comes with it. But what about when a pet experiences a loss, how do they grieve?...

Nov 01, 2014

You're Retired, Now What?

How, after retirement, I found a way to feel useful, alive, be happier and do good all at the same time!

Nov 01, 2011

Nearing the End

Coping with the Emotions of the Final Stages of Your Pet's Life

Nov 01, 2011

Protecting your pet from natural disasters

This past July, Chicagoland pet lovers found themselves feeling profound sympathy for flood victims following 122-year rainfall record. While tens of...

Nov 01, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

Creating a Pet-Friendly Pad

Nov 01, 2008

Dealing with the Death of a Cherished Pet

For many people, the death of their pet comes with many difficult decisions. Because each pet is different, as are his or her owners, options,...

Nov 01, 2007

Stylish Furnishings for the Family Dog

Home design has gone to the dogs.

So, throw out the scruffy blankets and smelly pillows. Think stylish pet furnishings that embrace just about every...

Nov 01, 2007

Pets & Your Health

It goes without saying that pets make great companions for people of all ages. Animals enrich our emotional lives on a daily basis by giving us...

Nov 01, 2007

PAWS Chicago's Guardian Angels Program

Saving Animals for Generations

May 01, 2007

Pet Allergies An Allergist’s Perspective

Prominent Chicago allergist, Dr. Kris McGrath, discloses the facts and treatment options for pet lovers dealing with allergies.