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Obedience Training

Every dog deserves a great start

Every dog and owner can benefit from training

That’s why we strongly encourage you to attend a dog training class as soon as possible after adopting. We even provide a financial incentive with our $75 training deposit refund. 

Training is designed to improve you and your dog’s communications skills with each other. Regardless of age, breed or where your dog came from, every dog and owner can benefit from training. 

Obedience training classes:

  • Provide important socialization with dogs and people
  • Develop the human-to-animal bond
  • Reward appropriate behavior
  • Teach basic commands that will help your communication with one another
  • Prevent future behavior problems 

For puppies, start training as early as 10 weeks old, during their crucial socialization period. For adult or more experienced dogs, obedience, sports and enrichment classes will help teach and build upon basic obedience and manners skills. 

Training continues for the life of your dog. We encourage you to continue classes to educate yourself and your dog and to strengthen the bond with your new best friend. 

Learn about PAWS Chicago's training classes and enroll today!

Training Classes

Practice makes perfect, and your pooch will get plenty of practice in training classes. Learn about PAWS Chicago’s training classes and enroll today!