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A Guide for Bringing Home a New Dog

All you need to know about welcoming your new family member home.

Thank you for saving a life

If you’ve adopted from PAWS Chicago, we are available as a resource for any questions you may have. Check out the Ongoing Training & Support available to PAWS Chicago alumni and their adopters. 

Here’s what you need to know to ensure you get started on the right foot, now that you have welcomed (or are planning to welcome) your new dog into your home. 

Congratulations on your adoption and thank you for saving a life!


Thinking about adopting a dog? This info will help you understand more about what dogs need, how they perceive the world and how they evolve through the stages of life.


Your dog may not know that it’s not appropriate to soil in the house. It is your job to teach him. Read more

Obedience Training

Read more

For you and your dog



Safe Traveling

To get to your destination safely, place your dog in a secured area of the vehicle. Learn more

Dog-Proofing Your Home

Ensuring your home is safe for your new dog is easy and just takes a few simple steps. Learn more


Controlling pet allergies takes some work, but it can be achieved Learn more


Grooming is a great opportunity for you to bond with your dog. Learn more

Introducing a New Dog into Your Home

When welcoming a new dog into your home, careful planning can help ensure a smooth transition for everyone. That is especially important when you are adopting a shy dog. But regardless, remember to take into account your home’s other residents, whether they be other dogs, cats, children or older adults. 

Households with a Dog

Welcoming a new dog into a home that already has a resident dog (or dogs!) Read more

Households with a Cat

Introducing your dog to a cat is a much slower process than introducing him to another dog. Read more

Households with Children

Being aware of symptoms will help you treat your dog faster. Read more

Households with Senior Citizens

Dogs can make great companions for seniors, providing unconditional love and constant companionship. Read more

Helping a Shy Dog Adjust

By showing him patience and caring, a shy dog can be a great companion and can gain confidence. Read more