Name an Adoption Center Room

To learn more about Adoption Center naming opportunities, please contact Kaitlin Allen at 773-843-2500 or

Reserved Namings

Bronze Plaque of Leadership Gifts
Phillip E. Raskin
Philip and Janice Beck
Judith Blazer
Sue and Wes Dixon
Peter and Paula Fasseas Foundation
Marshall Field Family
The Galter Foundation
Frank S. Kamberos
Bank of America
Ann Lurie
NIB Foundation
North Community Bank
PETCO Foundation
Rice Foundation
The Sachsel Family
Barbara Bradford and Robert Sherman
Maria and Bill Smithburg
PETCO Foundation Welcome Center
1) Robert & Mayari Pritzker Counseling Quarters
2) Champ & Snickers Counseling Room
3) Gus and Charlie’s Kids Corner
4) Slash “Wild Thing” Block & Family
5) “Mertz” & “Maude” Reception Area; by Dr. Paul M. Lisnek & Brian F. Lozell
6) Bank of America Get Acquainted Room
7(a) Philip and Janice Beck
7(b) Philip and Janice Beck
8) Creature Comforts Foundation Fireplace
9) Habermann Family Coffee Café
10) Bob, Marian, & Charlie Hymen Information Station; In Honor of Magoo
11) In Memory of Eileen Kosinski: My Love, My Friend
Marshall Field Family Dog Town
1) The David M. Klaskin Family Dog Play Space
2) The Abby Draft Dog Home
3) The John R. Walter & Family Puppy Home
4) Bernie Roenigk’s Dog Home
6) In Memory of Muffy Stoker
7) Irv & Ev’s Room, A Gift from the Kovler Family Foundation
8) Sophie’s Place
9) In Honor of Judith S. White
11) The Teague and Madison Adoption Room
12) The Julian Mack Family Dog Home
13) Diane, Sasha & Tony Goldberg Dog Home
14) Mimi’s Room, Given by Bill & Angie DeMars
15) The Harry & Maya Dog Home
16) The Maude & Fred Room
17) Daphne’s Room
18) The James & Stephanie Letchinger Family Dog Room
19) Earth Friendly Products, Donated by the John & Stephanie Vlahakis Family
21) Judy & Howard Tullman Canine Café
22) Mr. B’s Boulevard
23) Fanny’s Room given by Sarah & John Cox
Humane Education Center
1) The Judith Blazer Community Room
2) Sue & Wes Dixon Youth Education Room
3) Alexandra C. & John D. Nichols Pet Behaviorist and Trainer Room
4) The Nichols & Bork Families Hospitality Room
5) Linda, Jerry & Kelsey Karp Humane Education Corridor
The Barbara Bradford Kitty City
1) Miss Kitty’s Senior Cat Home
2) Jane F. Terrell, She Loved All Animals As Her Own
3) Mr. Itchy’s Room
4) Karen E. Linden Kitten Home
5) Nina & Livia Kamberos Adult Cat Room
6) The Spurlock Family Room
7) My Boy Sammy; Given By Debbie & Rick Gonzalez
8) The Mewmer Brock Room
9) Kita & Yegor’s Kitty Condo, Given by James & Marianne Phalin
10) Miss Bunkey’s Room, Given by The Edward S. Sprague Foundation
11) The Barbara Hayes Cat Adoption Office
12) Earth Friendly Products, Donated by the John & Stephanie Vlahakis Family
13) Megan, Zooey, & Buddha’s Kitty Café
14) Jo Ann Sweig Visitor Boulevard
Kenneth H. “Kenny” Sachsel Medical Care Unit
1) Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Isolation Room; In Honor of Marla
2) Donna & Nicole McKay Isolation Room
3) Stray Holding Room, Donated by M. Ann O’Brien
6) Caitlin M. Doermer Recovery Room
7) Kathryn Finley Recovery Room
8) Daisy Germont Recovery Room
9) Golub & Bruce Families Medical Corridor
The Raskin Treatment Center in Honor of Zack, Charlie, Maddie and Sebastian
4) Garry & Debby Eades Pet Laundromat
5) The Glickman Family Pet Spa
7) Ione and James P. Sfarnas Boulevard
North Community Bank Volunteer Headquarters
1) In Loving Memory of Diane and Saul Weiner
3) Chen-Yi Gross
4) Wayne and Joann Hochwarter’s Forever Family and Home
6) Volunteer Corridor, Anonymous Gift
Mezzanine Level Adoption Offices (Available)
1) Richard F. & Christine Karger and Roger & Pam Philips Weston
2) In Loving Memory of Snowball Wallace-Moss
3) Richard & Lynn Reich Adoption Office
4) The Bryant/Mauro Family Adoption Office, Donated with love by Anita Bryant Mauro & Daniel P. Mauro
6) Thelma and Louise Room
Maria & Bill Smithburg Rooftop Garden
Garden Planters
- The Lindsay Garden Planters, In memory of Shirley J. Lindsay & Lisa Whitworth Dodds
Garden Benches
- In memory of Cynthia Weglarz Rountree
- In fond memory of Koji
- Katie Cerullo Memorial Bench
- Tucker’s Bench – With Love, Cheryl and Bill Corgan
Garden Pots
- Linda Principe Schmutzler