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Albert & Krystal Almora's Intentional Walk Program


Intentional Walk Program Launch

In baseball, the intentional walk is used by pitchers to bypass a good hitter. In pet adoption, many great dogs are bypassed because they lack adequate opportunities to become socialized. Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora, Jr. and his wife Krystal are looking to increase the odds of winning for shelter dogs by encouraging people to volunteer at local shelters to walk and interact with dogs.

In May 2017, the Almora's, in partnership with PAWS Chicago, will launch the Intentional Walk campaign to raise awareness about the need to walk and socialize dogs at local shelters.  

About the Program

After the death of their beloved Pit Bull, Albert and Krystal became motivated to give back to local communities by helping shelter dogs find loving homes. Many want to help but are not in a position to adopt or foster a dog. The Almora’s Intentional Walk campaign encourages pet lovers to find time to walk a shelter dog.  

Dogs come to shelters for many reasons but there is one constant among the dogs – they are stressed. The transition can be difficult and they may exhibit signs of anxiety. Walking and one-on-one human interaction can reduce stress, increase sociability and, therefore, improve the odds of a dog finding a forever family. Plus, there are health benefits to the walker too that come from being physically active. 

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