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Tracking our progress for animals.

2018 A Record Year

One adoption, one foster, one surgery, one volunteer hour at a time - 2018 added up to an incredible year of lifesaving at PAWS Chicago. 

Each of these numbers represents lives impacted. This important work is only possible thanks to the generosity and dedication of each one of our supporters, volunteers and team members. Together, we are building a humane and compassionate community for dogs and cats. 

On behalf of all the animals we serve, thank you!

Numbers Equal Lives

At PAWS Chicago, everything we do is aimed at generating results. Why? Because animals are dying every day in our community, across the United States and around the world, and they don’t have to.

This is a solvable problem. With the right approach, programs and engagement, we can build No Kill communities. We are empowered to make transformative change a reality. That lifesaving urgency drives everything we do.

Realistic, Aggressive & Achievable Goals

We know that setting aggressive, achievable goals leads to incremental, positive change. Chicago’s euthanasia of cats and dogs has decreased by 87% since we were founded.

In this section, we get into why transparency and data is so important in animal welfare. We also dig into how data shows whether or not an animal welfare organization meets the Gold Standard of No Kill.

We constantly think about our shelter data, our spay/neuter data, our community engagement, our financial health and sustainability, and more. This data drives all programmatic and strategic decisions at PAWS Chicago. It’s all done to maximize the number of lives saved and get us closer to a No Kill Chicago.