Volunteers of the Month | PAWS Chicago

Volunteers of the Month

Meet our extraordinary volunteers.

It is volunteers that fuel PAWS Chicago. Providing the workforce needed to save animals on a large scale, while treating each one as an individual. Enabling the execution of large-scale adoption and fundraising events. Taking the message of pet homelessness to people and communities near and far.

Meet some of the people who make it happen. Consider joining them by becoming a volunteer.

Volunteers of the Month

December 2015

Tom Hay Bauer

November 2015

Sam Goodman

October 2015

Diana Zapata Kotowski

September 2015

Susie Russell

August 2015

Vince Coraci

Katie Hooper

July 2015

Barb Cooke

June 2015

Rosio Juarez

Alicia Mendoza

April 2015

Joan Marie Dauber

March 2015

Jessica Altman

February 2015

Allison Gamble

Pat Oleck

January 2015

Daniel Speller