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The following are donations made to PAWS Chicago in honor of people, pets or special occasions.

Gifts listed in alphabetical order by first name of honored person or pet.
Gifts of $100.00 or more will be added to the appropriate list on a monthly basis.

If you would like to make tribute or memorial gift, you can make a donation by calling us at 773-475-4242 or by choosing one of the following options to make your gift online:

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In Honor of a Person

In honor of
Billie Klein-Yasuhara by Nancy Bernstein
Bobby and Jenn by Lucy Hogan
Caitlin Lisa by Dennis Ross
Cindy Cho by Yun Kim
Deborah Daly by Bonita Hoefler and Northern Trust
Donna Smith by Nathan Goldenson
Jadyn Kosanic and Clare Breedaman by Alyssa and Ryan Kosanic
Jadyn Kosanic and Clare Breedaman by Francesca and Robert Truska
Jennifer Casey by Marni Lewis
Julie Stackhouse Smith by Cheryl Dudeck
Maggie McAuliffe by Karen McAuliffe
Murray and Anne Marie Peretz by Michele and Howard Feinberg
Rita Sackar by Dawn Harrod
Rocky Wirtz by Bonnie McDonald
Susan, Linda, and Penny Kuczka by Sue Shrader
Sydney Walsh and Sasha Hild by The Kernan Family
Will Pope by Sara Carlson
In honor of
Buddy Stormont by Justyna Della Valle
Cliff Johl by Kim Jaranowski
Gail Guggenheim by Sallyan Windt
Gayle, Dixie and Mary of Out and About Pet Care by Eric and Courtney Weitz
Kris Wakefield by Laura Klein
Lauren Hamlin by Karen E. Wadler
Liz Roewe by Charles Day and Christine Tardio
Myra and John Reilly by Bernice Pink
Nyla Kapoor by Sandy and Amit Kapur
Patricia J. Callen by Lisa C. Johnson
Princess Lydia Dabbert by Barbara Wernicke
Wedding Guests by Lauren Johnsen
In honor of
Barbara Tabachka by Thomas Lichter
Bella Laiss-Lipner by Lizabeth A. Whiteley
Cast and Crew of "Carfield": Kevin Endres, Brian Kudzia, Brian Sundquist, Sarah Frost and the Mitchell Family by Brandon Ciarlo
Chrissy Gonzalez by Channing Rollo
Dave and Mayari by Tamara Variano
Deborah Karp by Kelley Clute
Della "Dee" Jones by Donna Martino
Della Jones by Virginia Rounds
Jerry Klein and Dan Wangler by Ken Tippie
Jerry Klein and Dan Wangler by Sotirios Markuly
Jerry Klein and Dan Wangler by Stacia Volbrecht
Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler by Elizabeth Freidheim
Levi Oliphant by Mary Silver
Sebastian Zimmer by David and Lisa Zimmer
Walter Carr by Robert Klingel and Timothy Iverson
In honor of
Andrew Schumacher by Virginia Tiu
Bonnie Fallen by Bonnie Fallen
Eric Michael, Ken and Terry Treske, Laurent and Laure Masson, Ann and Edward Burke, Abraha Biru, Luminita Radut, and Matthew Sulkowski by Menard Johnson and Associates
Geraldine Jensen by Kenneth Jensen
Gerry Kirst by Kimberly Souers
Isabel Dickstein by Gale Gottlieb
Isabel Dickstein by Marilynn Marr Design Incorpora
Isabel Dickstein by Rebecca and charles Besser
Issabel Dickstein by Toni Koziel Canada
Jeff Robert by Andrew Weil
Jerry Klein and Dan Wangler by Kathy Wengel
Jerry Klein and Dan Wangler by Peter and Gayle Klein
Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler by John Ehrlich
Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler by Matthew Prescott
Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler by Melanie Nelson
Linda Hanson by Holly Tesch
Marjorie Fradin by Lauren Stone
Meaghan Cunningham by Erica Kast
Mike and Gail Dioguardi by Roz Byrne
Mike Tischleder Wally Petersen by Cathy Crisham Kim
Phil Beck by Warren and Donna Rothman
Ron Kozik by Kathleen Kulak
Samantha Korenfeld by Jennifer and Jon Zindel
Ted Theodore and Christine Bjornstad by Rich Lauritsen




In honor of
Barbara A. Higgins by Debora Ko
Bonnie White by Susan Hoppenrath
Christian Ricci and Keri Gathman by Christian Ricci
Dr.Tamara Schmitt by Marlene Baer
Howard Tullman by Bonnie Spurlock
Juliet Mortara by Dona Mortara
Lauren Cooney and Tom Perotti by Lauren Ratner
Linda Kuczka by Penny Kuczka
Pam Schiewe by Linda Hanson
Pat Trimarco by Julie Gagliardotto
Phil Raskin by Faye Joye
Shannon Pyrz by Sandra Behrens
Smith Salguiero Family by Colin Reeves
Teri and Shelby Hagman by Sheila Gedney
In honor of
7th Annual Eliot Fishman Hot Dog Tour by Elinor and David Kaufman
7th Annual Eliot Fishman Hot Dog Tour by Jane Woldenberg
Bob Gauch by Patrick Ryan
Charlotte Majszak by Anthony Majszak
David and Sheila Haas by Susan Stewart
David Klaskin by Catherine Wolf
Gael Neeson by Madeleine Grynsztejn and Tom Shapiro
Gayle and Gary by Elaine Winer
Jamee Field by Robin and Richard Donnelley
Jerry Klein and Daniel Wangler by Anna DellaSanta
Karen P. Layng by James Pszanka
Marina Adams by Laura Kastelic
Miranda Kowalczyk and Matt Kohout by Evanna Murray
Pauli & Mike by Paula Canavese
Pauli and Mike by Thomas Beerntsen
Robin Fulgencio by Honey Fulgencio
Sabreena and Joe by Tim Delrose
Steven and Caroline Steiner by Marla Cohen
Tom and Lauren Perotti by John Keebler
Tom Lisnich's Wedding Guests by Tom Lisnich
Wedding Guests by Cody and Bri Nicoletti
In honor of
Alice Procanin by Sergio Chapa
Andrew Tobin by Sadell Tobin
Audrey Weil by Chris Spitzer
Dulce Lipner by Stacy and Al Klibanoff
Glenn Felner by Supera Family Foundation
Jeff Holden by Diana Role
Josh and Leslie Thephasdin, Matthew Blackman and Allison Marshak, Andy Jameson and Miranda Byrd, Erin Sowerby, Ned and Nicole Crancer, Christoper and Jeannie Zuehlke, Nathan Romero, Bradley and Rachel Tercek, and Tom Reynolds and Jaime Albrecht by Menard Johnson Real Estate
Lindsay Rapp & Andrew Raffaele by Debbie and Sidney Frisch
Mark Jullie & Rob Kracik by Ann Coffin
Mary J. Brown by Mary Schmidtke
Melanie Reitman by Heidi Reitman
Michael and Pauli by Brian Neumann
Michael and Paulina Penney by Dana Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Penney by Janey & Alan Sharpee
Paulina Sempertegui & Mike Penney by Becky Clark
Paulina Semptertegui and Mike Penney by Jeffrey Hodgson
Robert S. Salk by Michael Salk
Roberta Thompson by Patty OBrien
Ronald Waxman by Scott Meyers
ViVi Kaufman by Owen Kmety
Wedding Guests by Abigail Russell
In honor of
Alli Gonzalez by Stephane Gonzalez
Ann Demeter by Susan Steiner
Beeken Family by Jane and Don Hunt
Bernice F. Snyder by Erin Mcinerney
Christopher Blain by Jeffrey Beaty and Kara Blain
Dan Kamien by Kelly Derr and Nielsen Professional Services
Jessie Pell by Patricia Pell
Julie and Kurt Miller by Susan and David Sherman
Liz and Andy Minkus by Patricia Di Prima
Mary and Lou Bender by Allison Swisher
Matt and Miranda by Karen Darr
Matt and Miranda Kohout by Michael Friis
Miranda Kowalczyk & Matt Kohout by Linda Toannon
Miranda Kowalczyk by Florence Gleason
Pam Kasper by Elise Fleischaker
Romina Pliner by Roy and Lisa Sharda
Ron Michelon by Sid Diamond
Rosemary McHugh by Laura Shannon
Ross Neag by Robert Blase
Selma Giinsburg by Sara Marks
Shelia Ryan by Ann Ryan
Sohana Schneider by Namratha Kandula
V.J. Rohan's "Canine Kids" by Veronica J. Rohan
William Brown by Carol Kyros Walker
In honor of
Angela Booras by Laura George
Angie Heisler by Paula R. Young
Athena by Ellen Gottfried
Christy Loebach and Ray Horn by Yara Zolotukhina
Curt and Mary Luthy by Roberta Drell
Daniel and Nora by Laurel Berko
David and Narrjoo Moore by Andree Eckert
Dawn Johnson by Amy Johnson
Dominic and Judith Colucci by Jeff Colucci
Don & Carol Allerton by Chris Allerton
Dr. Elizabeth Polek by Cory Nash
Eva Goren by friends and family
Ken Gillis by Stephen Boren
Kristen Jahnke by Nancy Herman
Mayari Pritzker by Tamara and Perry Variano
Moria & Russ Bittmann by Mollie Fisher
Rosie McHugh by Constellation Brands- San Antonio
Sheila Macikas by Cynthia O'Leary
Susan Halegua by Steve Bello
William "Bill" Bowman Hummer by Carla Paonessa
In honor of
Aileen Blackwell, Michael Davis, and Nell Funk by Susan Oliver
Alex White by Kim White
Alexander by Claudia Kleemann
Allison Nold by Laura Watson
Andrew Tobin by Monica Richman
Angela Simpson by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Ava Olczyk by Kimberly Olczyk
Barbara Smith by David B. Smith
Becker Family by Cara Lichtenstein
Bella Rose Brown and Hutch Brown by Linda Michelson
Bernadette Strzyz by Anna Marie Strzyz
Beth and Gregg Wolpert by Lorraine LaComb
Beverlyn Baer and Marcos Rivera by Marlene Baer
Bob Clark by Stacy Brustin
Bob Shadbar by Jennifer Parkman
Brian and Alison by Gary Lohman
Brian and Kate Bishoff, Jeffrey and Jovina Young, Jessica Stepan, Dominick Della, Michael and Laura Kuzniar, Aldona Fleming, and Greg and Annette Booth by MenardJohnson
Brittany Klein by Megan Klein
Bruce and Deborah Crown by Bradley Crown
Caroline Brown by Allison Livermore
Chris Ricci and Keri Gathman by Vance Ricci
Chris Tardio and Charles Day by Gail E. Eyler
Christopher P. Zachary by Leafy Zachary
Cindy and Larry Warner by Abbie F. Price
Cindy Ceron by Jeff Hoffmeister
Crystal Barry by Keith Duncan
Danielle Hamada by Janet Hamada
David and Jacob Wang by Julie and Jeffrey Moore
David and Jacob Wang by Lisa Kozin
David and Jacob Wang by Mary Jane and Andrew Wang
David MacNeil by Carol Mueller
Deborah Sexton by Erin Shamus
Denny Cummings by Jill Britton
Diane Hunckler by Shirley Hunckler
Diane Wells and Bob Kaminski by Carol Turner
Dillon Terman by Ronald Heppell
Eileen Lewalski by Betty Gaynor
Ellory Peck by Leo J. Rudberg
Elly Greenspan by Amy Halik
Esther Hou by Scott Morris
Ethan Abernathey by Elsie Mae Hall
Evan Duvall by Beth Duvall
Foster, Medical and Animal Care Teams by Colleen Toole
Fran Tirone by Elise Novitski
Fred and Mel Traister by Patricia Traister
Gina & Jenny by Shannon Jorgensen
Gina Smith by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Grandma and Grandpa Ziobro by Adam Clark
Gretchen Hoenecke by Meta and Rick Joutras
Gwen Melvin by Catherine Melvin
Heather Libertoski and Brad Oedzes by Scott Pearson
Jack by Molly Sullivan
Jack Rogers by Lisa Borchardt
Jamie Yuen by Patrick O'Connor
Jan & Dave Thompson by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Jean Lombard by Patricia Fazekas
Jeanne LaDuke by Allison Tumer
Jeanne Stoker and J. Martin Stoker by Shirley Demeris
Jeff Holden by Diana R. Role
Jeff Welch by Tim Scott
Jeffrey and Wrigley by Jonathan and Carol Fine
Jessica Wilson by Jacob Fuerstman
Jill Devaney by Kate Brady
Joan Dauber and Pablo Mena by Janet Dauber
John Smith by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Jonathan Taylor by Mom and Dad
Judy Kadylak by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Julie Vasilevich by Jerome Edwards
Karen Kabakoff by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Karen Layng by James Pszanka
Kate Nardin by William Lynerd
Kati Wax by Jessica Brosche
Katie Pollak by Erin Kincaid
Kelly Shanholtzer by The Bradley A. Anderson Charitable Fund
Ken Gasper by Brad Eastman
Kenneth Gillis by Catherine Sharifi
Kira Simonian by H. Ronald Kaufman
Kristin Leonard Pearson by Mike Leonard
Lance Schwimmer by The Petco Foundation
Laura Balanoff by Hetty Balanoff
Laura Yocky & Josh Corn by Tom Yocky
Lauren Moja by Joan Barenfanger
Lawrence R. Dobbs by Cheri Armbruster
Leah Kimmelman and Denise Fernandez by Michelle Kelly
Libby Treinish by Jessica Corchin
Linda Kuczka by Sue Shrader
Lindsay and Risa by Laura Frankel
Lindsey, Sarah and Todd McClure by Scott Falk
Lisette and Asher Falk by Scott Falk
Lynn Smith by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Maggie Robinson by Shelley Greco
Margaret by Samuel K. Lewis
Marilyn Egel by Daniel Egel-Weiss
Marilyn LeBlanc by Todd Partridge
Mark and Penny Edge by Eric Edge
Marsha and Larry Booker by Alexa Lim
Mary O'Neill by Pamela Hagen
Maureen M. Pendry by Margaret Pendry
Mayari Pritzker by Rebecca Spooner
Michals Family by Tim Kostelancik
Moira Reilly by Douglas Kawa
Mom by Samuel K. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. David Kabakoff by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Blohme by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Nan Scarborough and Ray McKinnis and Andrea Ditton by Brooks and Judith Baker
Nancy Kinzie by Scott Kinzie
Nancy Sterling and Terry Leja by Ava Berland
Natacha Julmy by Tiffanie Gill
Natalie and Robert by Patricia Traister
Nathalie and Samantha Miretzky by David Miretzky
Olivia Schuler by Jospeh and Alexandra Schuler
Paul Fehrenbacher by Bruce Fogelson
Paul Sill by Paul Sill
Peggy by Gary Lohman
Phil Raskin by Richard Rokus
Rachel Sullivan by Angela Olson
Ray McKinnis and Ms. Nan Scarborough by David McKinnis
Rebecca Rudy by Dale Rudy
Regina & Chad by Robert Lawrence
Renee and Gregg Higdon by Beverly McCaskill
Rodd Myers by Paul Drugan
Rosie, Boogie, Fritz, Iggy, & Pixie by Charles E. Colson
Ross Perak and Mandy Marma by Valerie Martin
Rossi Family by Richard Klein
Ryan Marks by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Sandy and Corey Baker by Tricia Hofmann
Sandy Joyce by Sara Cant
Sara Winey and Dave Stasior by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Sarah K by Sarah Watkins
Shannon Johnson by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Sher Smith by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Sheri McDonnell Ciccarelli by Amy Mandel
Sis, Fran, & Girls by Diana R. Role
Stacy Ballard by Joan H. Von Leesen
Stanley Rupp by Gretchen Rupp
Steve Swafford and Jackson Seamans by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Sue Parker and Don Van Witzenburg by Suzanne Parker
Susan Jones by Roberta and James Jones
Susan Loosevelt by Helen Lossevelt
Susan Rubin by Brett Rubin
Tami Stieber by Jay Stieber
Terry Leja by Catherine Osika and Chris Larsen
Terry Leja by Connie and John Osika
Terry Leja by Robyn and Robert Osika
Thomas Booker and Heather Hallack by Alexa Lim
Tiffany Gibbs & Kevin Kendrigan by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
Trevor, Madeline and Tony Britvec by Scott Falk
Ty and Diana Fujimura by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
V.J. Rohan's "Canine Kids" by Veronica J. Rohan
Vedran & Yulia Bjekic, Abi Cahak, Agatha Castanares, Paul Cho, Alicia Ferguson, Jennifer Greenman, Patricia Hennessy, Kevin Hong & Amanda Chin, Matt & Dana Huffman, Adriane LaPore & Conor O'Brien, George Li & Min Sun, Rosa Manning, John & Adrienne McCann, Dan & Ashley Melillo, Carter Mills, Thomas & Karen Ray, Lance Stillwell, Josh Urban & Jenna Baisden, Audrey VanStockum, Stuart & Brianna Wilkins and Paul Xiong by Kim Smith
Vic Branstetter by Robert Kabakoff and Katie Smith
In honor of
Aidan Black by Beth Bernstein
Barbara Ruvel by Gary Buslik
Beth Sammons by Matthew Sammons
Bruce & Sandy Wall by Brenda Wolf
Byron Pollock by Jennifer Ver Huel
Charles Fitz-Gerald by Marc Files
Daniel Gratz by Pamela Myerson-Gratz
Diana Role by Jeffrey and Carol Holden
Eugenia Dehmlow by Rick Raguse
Geeta and Praveen Chennareddy by their wedding guests
Gregg & Renee Higdon by Nelda Cox
Helen Goodyear by Jennifer Taylor
James Maule by Rhonda Kokot
Matt Herman by Olga Kaspruk
Michael Keppel by Bruce Clegg
Pamela Menas by Laura Reed
Pamela Menas by Nan Krull
Thomas Charles Kirby by Mary Pultorak
Thomas Kirby by Jessica Devos

In Honor of a Pet

In honor of
Atticus and Darby Simmons by Noah A. Pinzur
Fat Kitten by Michael Meadows
Jazz by Shirley Swanson
Sammy B. Moja by Lauren Moja
In honor of
Donnie Boy by Mark Ritchie
Guinness by Sallie S. Wilson
Harley Quinn by John R. Yerhot
Suzy Q, Jackson, Beethoven and LaSalle by Eric Bruce
Tosca by Kendall Farley
In honor of
<Blaze Szymanski by Ross Masters/td>
In honor of
Cleo by Charlene Washburn
Fig by Matt Luca
Harley by Andy Lane
ZuZu by Carter Suskind, Robert Suskind and Leslie Lewinter-Suskind
In honor of
Diamond by Ali Fattahian
Megan by George Harris
Pierre Pickle by Heather Gardner
Pippa by Sylvia and Dan Huml
Ryno Shifrin by Amy Bloemke
Tiger Singh Bhatia by Reva Bhatia
ZuZu by Lily Suskind, Robert Suskind and Leslie Lewinter-Suskind
In honor of
Bella Ahlquist by Susan Ahlquist
Charlie Intagliata by Emily Zafrani
Desmond "Desi-Lou" Hecker by Kelley Hecker
Fahey Nolan by Janet Jeremy
Kieta by Janet Barkell
In honor of
Brady Disner Jonathan Disner
Charlie Brown's Flying Ace by The Coss Foundation
Fiona Rosenberg by Lindsay Bozeday
Leland by Ellen and Jesse Allerton
Penny's dog by Sally B. Callander
Quincy by Dawn Johnson
Scruffy by Russell Herron
In honor of
Bean Dip by Todd Ashcraft
Bentley Yeo by Ivy Wong
Biz, Soldier and Menace by Ralph Miele
Bogey G by Patrick Smith
Cootie and Tashi by Shelly Barrad
Donna Steckel by Kyle Steckel
Gidget Galuhn by Amanda Galuhn
Hannah, Mayzie, and Daisy Fogal by Deb Fogal
Jax by Ronald Moore
Layla Detroy Babcock by Ashleigh Martinez
Lindy by Alice Niziolek
Lola and Lottie by Sarah Tyler-Phipps and P. Cody Phipps
Lucy Dales by Liza McElroy
Lucy Strong by Emily Strong
Luna and Oatmeal Mazzola by Holly Ronzi
Moomoo, Coffee Bean, Scaredy Cat and Patches by Brian Ellis
Oakley by Lynn Raducka and Nick Romanas
Pangur Ban by Steve Alspach
Rogie by David Shapiro
Simon by Toni Brown
Sophie by Joan Weber
Stanley Brooks by Katie Brooks
In honor of
Grizzly by Andrew Wilson
Lucy by Sara Barber
Murphy by Amber Raza
Otto and Maus by Monika and Amanda Betts
Xena by Samone Tep

In Memory of a Person

In memory of
Aaron Walker, Jr. by Carolyn and Kevin McConaghy
Clarence Nikoluk by Ms. Margaret F. Dana
David Schoenberg by Nancy Peterman
David Schoenberg by Pam, Brian, and Hadley Wehner
Isabel Dickstein by Jamie and Bruce Buzil
Isabel Dickstein by Virginia Stafman
Joel Callahan by Madonna Klepac
John Paull Andersen, Jr. by Patricia and Greg Pace
Kris Wakefield by Stacey Davenport
Kris Wakefield by Thomas and Delilah Ortiz-Bacon
Kristine Wakefield by Lesa Hartman
Lee A. Sailer by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Mamie Wilson by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Nile and Shona by Karen Alexander
Phyllis Ziesemer by Joan Mann
In memory of
Andrew Besbekos by Amelia and Thomas Bayer
Andrew Besbekos by Dolores Secor
Andrew Besbekos by George Pappas and Evagelia Rogiokos
Andrew Besbekos by Rebecca Winters
Barbara D. Thomsen by Tiffany Yu
Barbara Thom by Jean Chatterton
David Schoenberg by Mid Oaks Investments
DJ by Patricia Marek
Harry Bay by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Helen S. Walter by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Kris Wakefield by John Piotrowski
Laura Gabel by Enjie Li and Meina Wu
Laura Gabel by Michael Gabel
Laura Gabel by Richard Fried
Lois Brotherson by Wayne Gailis
Margaret Pittman Hadley by Cynthia Graham
Mary Davis by Judith Rudhman
Nancy Brichta by Alex and Joanne Mankivsky
Slyvester and Mary Ann Weissensel by Sherry Weissensel
Susan Campbell Matloff by Peter and Paula Fasseas
In memory of
Barbara Thomsen by Crystal Cruises
Bob Custer by Christine Halsey
Carol Rizzo and Lola Daniel by Wayne Gailis
Dawn Kahn Diamond by Ellyn Feldman
Dolores Miller by Carole Borror
Dolores Miller by Marcy Kahan
Dolores Miller by Scott Hirsch
Dolores Miller by The Malkin and Steinberg Families
Fran Kelly by Anne Bettis
Frances Kelly by Steven and Janice Austin
Jeri Elster by Barbara Gohr
Jill DelPage by Beverly and Craig Lang
Jill DelPage by Fatima Castillo Beach
Kent Feiler by Hope Hanley
Kira Simonian by Ronald Kaufman
Nancy Brichta by Kelly Brichta
Sarah Goldberg by Constance B. Lohr
Sarah Goldberg by Suzanne Dickinson
In memory of
Dolores Miller by Geri and Robert Friedman
Dolores Miller by Sylvia Diciunas
Jeri Elster by Cynthia Cash
Jeri Elster by Jane Phillips
Kira Simonian by H. Ronald Kaufman
Laura Gabels by Claudette Baker
Lidia S. Ricci by Julie Okamoto
Marion Axley by Mavens Consulting
Marion Axley by Merle Cooper
Mary Keefe by Olivia Kenig
Mary Sullivan Keefe by Performing Arts at Metropolis
Patricia Trimarco by Gina Trimarco
Samantha Dunbar by Patricia Taylor
Samantha Dunbar by Patricia Taylor
Samantha Dunbar by Kathleen Boyle
Samantha Dunbar by Patrick Gallagher
Samantha Dunbar by Richard Conklin
In memory of
Ann Harris by Patricia Manzel
Betty McGuire by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Bruce Beck by Pamela Thorton
Connie Schiltz by Carol Cohen
Elizabeth Dedinsky by Lois Iseminger
Peter Komon by Frank Allgauer
Peter Komon by Janet Quinn
Peter Komon by Renee Braun
Samantha Dunbar by Phillip Dibartolo
Samantha Dunbar by Tina Adams
Steven E. Dulak by Camilla Nielsen
Steven E. Dulak by Catherine Gabor
Steven E. Dulak by Kathryn Bertke
Steven E. Dulak by Laurie Goetsch and Tim Weber
In memory of
Ada Winter by Linda and Leo Gordon
Barbara Lepke by Karen Lepke
Charles Stuparits by Hegarty & Kowols and Associates
Cynthia Young by James Swinehart
Don Delarco by Mary Delarco
Grandma Milly by Miss Panther Kitty
John Thanos by Dawn Thanos
Joseph J. Bajak by Karen Bajak
Judith Klaskin by Pam Myerson-Gratz
Laura Pinkert by Laura S. Pinkert Revocable Trust
Lisa Hoogstra by Kelly Hallberg
Mary by Robert Faitz
Michael Demayo by Paul Demayo
Michelle Wegrzyn by Nancy Scheidt
Sam McDermott by Mary Gregory
Samantha Fischer by Joshua Malkin
Steven E. Dulak by Florence Dulak
Steven E. Dulak by Karen and Ralph Trentadue
Steven E. Dulak by Kelley and Robert Burgbacher
In memory of
Betty J. Hogeorges by Audrey Grava
Betty J. Hogeorges by Barbara Fedor
Betty J. Hogeorges by Sharon Wang
Chick Procanin by Elizabeth Minogue
Helen Bilyk by Lisa Karlsson
Jean C. Miller by Susan Foys
Judith Klaskin by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Kelle Church Robbins by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Kira Simonian by H.Ronald Kaufman
Lawrence Jarchow by Donna Wender
Mary Ello by Gertrude Haruch
Neil Elliott by William Morley
Peter Komon by Cynthia Costas
Peter Komon by Maria and Peter Andreou
Sarah Goldberg by Matt and Jean Thomases
Sarah Goldberg by Suzanne Dickinson
Stanton Cook by Bill Bartholomay Foundation
Stanton Cook by Bridget Gonzales
Stanton Cook by Bronswick Reicin Pollack, Ltd.
Stanton Cook by Charles Katzenmeyer
Stanton Cook by David Grainger
Stanton Cook by Dowdle Family Foundation
Stanton Cook by Helen and Richard Thomas
Stanton Cook by Kathy and Steven Saitelbach
Stanton Cook by Laura and Stephen Ash
Stanton Cook by Laura Bergman
Stanton Cook by Lou Marsico
Stanton Cook by Madigan Family Foundation
Stanton Cook by MI Windows and Doors, Inc.
Stanton Cook by Neal Creighton
Stanton Cook by Patti M. Freko
Stanton Cook by Robert Peacock
Stanton Cook by Sandra Gerstung
Stanton Cook by Susan Becker
Stanton Cook by Violet Maros
Timothy Jordan by Kathy Birkenmeyer
In memory of
Ann Stevens by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Bernice F. Snyder by Michael Sheehan
Bill Hummer by Jeanette H. Van Nice
Charles Vitous by Randy B. Grove
Danielle Diaz by Lisa Maylee
Danielle Diaz by Susan Miles
Danielle Diaz by the Ziolkowski Family
Dorothy Martens by James and Janice Martens
Enrique Orellano by Sharlyn Grace
Ethel Lillis by Kathleen Klug
Faith DallaValle by Victoria Hollister
Georgann Bernoff by Glen Bernoff
John Cali by Norstar Aluminum Molds
Kenneth Gillis by Lottie Bell
Kenneth Gillis by Nancy Gillis
Kenneth Gillis by William Martin
Kenneth L Gillis by Jeanette Sublett
Lee Ramirez by Benadette Casey
Marley Green by The Linda L. Norby Family Foundation
Roger Margason by Mollie Martinek
Roland Pakula by Michael O'Brien
Rosemary McHugh by John Kester
Shannon Mulcahy by Rita Polley
Violet Stasiak by Michael Stasiak
In memory of
Alfred G. and Eleanor L. Erickson by Susan A. Carr
Alison Heilbrunn by ABC Land and Development Corp.
Barbara Hoffman by Cecelia Abramson
Barbara Hoffman by Jonathan Letzler
Barbara Hoffman by Merle Tarnow
Barbara Hoffman by Nancy Young
Barbara Hoffman by Pat Livingston
Barbara Hoffman by Patricia and Mike Cohen
Barbara Hoffman by Sheree Martin
Barbara Hoffman by Thomas and Sandra Scheckelhoff
Barbara Hoffman by Tom O'Neill
Barbara Kaye Hoffman by Caryn and King Harris
Barbara Kaye Hoffman by H. Stuart Foster
Barbara Kaye Hoffman by Hamilton South
Barbara Kaye Hoffman by Lauren and William Waight
Cat Ye by Melody Chan
Danielle Diaz by Darrah Belcher
Frank Mientus by Agatha Rendina
Gele Booras by Christian Hallen
Helen F. O'Connor by Thomas J. O'Connor
Joan Schwitz by Barbara and Richard White
Joyce and Gordy Mash by Mary Holewinski
Judith Geuss by Gregory Geuss
Kate Cerullo by Marlene and Joseph Kolz
Kathryn Economous by Elizabeth Russell
Kayo Kuruc by Dennis Zielinski
Kenneth Gillis by Gayle Shines
Kent Vlautin by Marianne Ryan
Kent Vlautin by Thomas Hanft
Lawrence Dobbs by The Arnott Family
Margaret Erickson by Mr. and Mrs. James Finn
Marla Maneskin and Laura Kittelson by William Metzdorff
Mary Ann Pankow by Shirl Paw
Patricia Running by 6 Mary Jo Bennett via 6 individuals
Preston Lavin by The Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation
Rick Walters by Carol Walters
Sam by Ellen Samuelson
Sarah Goldberg by Ashley Fischer
Sarah Goldberg by Ken D. Haut
Sarah Goldberg by Suzanne Dickinson
Soo Mee Orms by Norris Orms
Stanton Cook by Julie Miller
Suzanne Sears by Tami Sears
Virgil & Ethel Dreiling by Connie Dreiling
William Hummer by China Oughton
William Hummer by Jeanine McCole
William Hummer by Margaret Murphy
William Hummer by Patricia Heestand
William Hummer by Robert Wright
Zachary Henry Kokomoor by Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kokomoor
William Hummer by Suzanne Heath
In memory of
Ann Cherek by Martha Feldman
Ann Cherek by Steve Poliner
Daniel Naclerio by Patricia Iroegbu
Elvis by Amy Volpe
Kent Vlautin by Robin Roy
Kent Vlautin by Sarah Walker
Lucy by Laura Mill-Jackson
Mary L. Rada by Laura Mill-Jackson
Michael Keppel by Michelle Koerbel
Mike Keppel by GHD Services
Mike Keppel by Magnetic Inspection Laboratory, Inc
Pamela Menas by Rosemary Wallace
Ron Kurczak by Viking Chemical Company
Steve Grubman by Juli Lowe and Matt Gehring
Thomas Kirby by Sharon Silberg
William Hummer by Richard and Diana Townsend

In Memory of a Pet

In memory of
Bella Malik by Natalie Malik
Cho Cho Lee by Erin Lee
Duffy by Richard Gerner
Emmett by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Frank by Michelle Sweeney
Harrison by Barb and Jeannine Bancroft
Homer Ahlgren by Melissa Karaviotou
Lacy by Yuri Kim
Lilly by Mitch, Jamie, and Bo Iatropulos
McKenna by Joseph & Cecilia Freeman
Sam by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Sami by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Scruffy Agne by Christena Scheaffer and Connie M. Miller
Scruffy Agne by Daphne Scott
Scruffy Agne by Sarah Agne
Stanley Sprehe by Julie Witt and Sprehe/ Silbaugh family friends
Sunni McMahon by Ulla Plenkers
Winnie by Anna Glazer
Zach by Peter and Paula Fasseas
In memory of
Bailey Dorece by Katie Dorece
Buddy by Deanna Ellingson
CeCe Alexander by Almes Alexander
Finnegan by Allison Johnson
Flannery by Eileen Brann
Goober by Harriet Hora
Maddie by Jack and Phyllis Bone
Mona by Sara Price
Mr. Wigglebones by Ashley Quicksilver
Sammi Corigan by Nancy Timmers
Sir Artur by Charles and Carol Emmons
In memory of
Anastasia "Annie" Vandemore by Lisa Smith
Buddy Kaufman by Carolyn Morreale
Jax Canning by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Jax, Perro and Pearce by Melissa Hawver
Kitty Kitty by Maryann and Theresa Gloms
Libby by Julie Paskar
Libby by Mark Paskar
Rufus by Victor Ruck
Rusty, Pirate, Tequila, and Puddles by Jill Dziak
Sallah Eichhorn by Eric Thunstedt
Shadow by Kara Boeldt
Sheri, Mimi, Enzo, Squeeky, and Kiki by Catherine Cooke
Sweet Sam by Kathy Stieber
Sweetie by Valerie Withrow
Wesly Schilling and Trigger Berg by Jill Moscato
In memory of
AJ by Ann Bendall
Ceili by Judith Blazer
Ceili by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Chief by Sharry Cernuda
Cooper by Ilene LeRose
FACE by Janis Forte
Kelly Burr and Doreen by Kathryn Crow
Maverick by Claire Furth
Maximus, Coco, Daisy, Robin, Smokey, Bogey, Bruce, Murphy, Thomas Alexander, Atticus, Bella, Gertie, Stella, Chopper, Annabelle, Killian, Zachary, Molly, Ginger, and Rock-o by Blum Animal Hospital
Mikey Carvalho Olsen by Jennifer Cotton
Pugsky Kae Cornwall by Cheryl K. Abbott
Rocco by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Rocky Balboa by James Pulk
Rocky Franco by Marta Pollack
Tucker Pup by Deborah Striejewske
Walter Brindell by Nancy Timmers
In memory of
Bandit by Kevin Dudley
BJ and Troll by Meredith Kappel
Bruce by Sara Corcoran Lynch and James Lynch
Ceili by Nancy and Ronald Officer
Lilly Weston by Beverley Klein
Louie by Mark Gavril
Madison by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Merlin by Eric Schellhorn
Nemo Komar by Beveley Klein
Roughy and Sheila by Peter Strand
Ryno Shifrin by Julie Shifrin
In memory of
Alex by Kathy Pollock
Annabel Rankin by Judy and James Dunlap
Buster Steiner by Beverley Klein
Buster Steiner by Rachel Steiner
Chairman Meow by William Adee
Gunner by Michael Morris
Hank Nussbaum-Watters by Brian Smith
Lucas Santelli Burns by Lynn and Joe Santelli
Millie Bolan by Todd Bunton
Milo Koele-Sands by Linda Koele
Norton by Rachel Julis
P.D. (Petey) by Robert Moretti
Pasam by Annette Wininger
Sparty by Linda and Brian Schirmer
Spicey Marie Q by Theresa Dudek
Surelle by George Seline
Sweet Pea Fell by Kyle Fell
In memory of
Ali by John Hoffman
Andre by Jane Clevenger
Belle by Ronald Moore
Blake Heck by Robert LoPrete
Diamond Ann Giangiorgi by Genette Giangiorgi
Harley Dimetros by Gregg S. Shipp
Hola the Chihuahua by Angus Krake
Justy by Toby Glickman
Luke by Joe Haggerty
Mackinaw by Judy and Howard Tullman
Miss Jimmy by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Nikita by Kathleen A. Rolsing
Oreo Kalkstein by Baxter International
Sebastian by John Olsen
In memory of
Abby by Patricia Greenberg
Bella by James Schink
Cody by Kathy and Paul Szorc
Fiona by Marny Dixon
Kaptain by Steven Cohen
Molly by Jody Hines
Ruff by Susan Anders
Sommit's Southern Belle by Kerrie and Ed Moser
Tachi by Cheryl Fosnacht
In memory of
Felix by Andy Lane
Kitty, Bella, Gabriella, Ink, Scout, Spyder, Akaii Sansai, Kalie, April, Frankie, Pichon, Piggy, Shiloh, Goldy, Beaumont, Rose, Sanibel, Vivian, Cooper, Daisy, Shaynah, Coco, Halfpenny, Reeses, Casey, Ricky, Jax, Otto, Piper, and Morgan by Blum Animal Hospital
Molly Miller by Joan Jackman
Noodles, Crackers, Munchkin and Manny by the Michael Gidwitz Charitable Foundation
Peanut by Susan Kuczka
Sammy by The McVicker Family Fund
Smokey by Loretta and Franklin Canning
Smokey by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Sophie & Gus by Edward L. Marut
William by Susan Kuczka
Winston by Gina Connor
In memory of
Abby by Janice Harris
Andrea Sekhar by Douglas Friend
Andrei Luther Aramovich by Nicholas Aramovich
Bella by Alexis J. Mehring
Binkie by Renee Angelopulos
Brittney Bea by Eve Lipton
Buddy Dorsey by Katherine Meints
Charlie by Richard Paskin
Dolly Buttons Hermalyn by Deborah and Lawrence Hermalyn
Fifi Victor by Jaison Victor
Gracie and Lexie by Ron and Nancy Pokojowczyk
Jimmy Mallul by Barbara Bond
John Grubbs by Hilary Freeman
Juno by Wade Miquelon
Kali by Cathryn Anderson
Kevin by Tom and Pam Clanton
Laika by Louis Pollman
Lucy Russell by Margaret Russell
Max by Ramya Mani
Maxwell by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Nika by Connie Rosati
Raven by Dave Piszczek
Sadie by Cheryl Francel
Sadie by Judith and Bill Needham
Sadie Kash by Lori and Gary Kash
Stella by Tammy and Albert Cozzi
Strider Aragorn Schaal by Adam Schaal
Stuart Redbone Altum by Walker's Grove Friends
Ursa Kitt by Patricia Spratt
Wesley by David and Ruth Carter
Willie Blasi by Jason Blasi
In memory of
Allie by Audrey Rohlinger
Angus by Meredith Bollinger
Chuck by Lisa Albrecht
Doolin by Mary Beth Kurzak
Gussy Fredrickson by Deanna Meadows
Henderson by Erin Christakos
Kozmo Brett by The Bruning Foundation
Maddie by Ruta Deco
Saba by Melissa Chalker
Scout by Joanna Mallers
Scout by Peter and Paula Fasseas
Troubadour Page by Marissa Page
Velma by Michael Meadows
Yoody Tullman by Bonnie Spurlock