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Kippy’s Fund

Help Provide Medical Treatment for Sick Kittens

Kippy was just seven-months-old when he was found by his rescuer during a school trip roaming on a farm without a home to call his own. His rescuer, a child at the time, found a home for him through a classmate but was returned to her when he wasn’t using the litter box. After being reunited with his rescuer, he was taken in as her own and they became the best of friends. Because of her parent’s allergies, Kippy spent most his time in the garage at night. Not satisfied with the situation, Kippy would escape and climb a tree to his rescuers bedroom so that he could sleep with his best friend. From that day, his rescuer knew he was a very special cat that would hold a special place in her heart. Kippy was by her side as a child and all the way through college. Kippy lived a happy and full life and passed at the age of 13 of renal failure. Her connection to Kippy has inspired her to want do more to help animals. Kippy’s Fund was established to save lives and help animals live happy, healthy lives.

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and help provide medical treatment for sick kittens