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When you first meet Gabriella, she may wiggle her way up to you and curl up in your lap for some love, or she may dive bomb on her squeaky toy, or show off by throwing her stuffed animal in the air to herself.

She is pure happiness. She is vitality personified. She is love. You would never guess she is also blind.

Gabriella was found tied next to an abandoned building on Halloween night. A neighbor heard her cries and called 311, the city’s emergency services. They responded by sending Chicago Animal Care & Control the following day. Fortunately, Chicago Animal Care & Control contacted PAWS Chicago and we immediately went to their facility and took her into our guardianship. Somehow, her face was sprayed with bleach, burning her eyes and other parts of her body. The photos are simply horrific.

When Gabriella came to PAWS, she smelled like bleach and had to be sedated due to the unimaginable pain. Her wounds suggested the abuse occurred several days prior, so she might have been suffering for days untreated. We hoped to be able to save one of her eyes and took her to one of Chicago’s top veterinary ophthalmologist, Eye Care for Animals, but too much damage had been done – both of her eyes had to be removed.

The natural inquiry into who could do something to such a little bundle of love and joy will lead to despair, hate and questions about the nature of humanity. Gabriella will have none of that. She refuses to be a victim—instead, she embodies resilience and pure joie de vivre!

Gabriella Needs a Home

She may be petite, but Gabriella has a giant personality. She loves nothing more than to feel the warmth of human touch and loves long walks! She needs a patient and loving adopter who will help her socialize and protect her. Loud footsteps can frighten her and her boldness can put her at risk as she learns to navigate without sight.

A home with another gentle dog, without stairs or bodies of water would be ideal.

Gabriella is currently spending time in a loving foster home, and is available for adoption. For information on adopting Gabriella, please email

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Below are graphic images taken of Gabriella when she came to PAWS Chicago.
Viewer discretion advised.