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At the Forefront of a Groundbreaking Study
At The Forefront Of A Groundbreaking Study

PAWS Chicago and it’s partners are part of a study to examine naturally occurring FIV-infection in cats

The Emerging Role of Shelter Medicine
The Emerging Role of Shelter Medicine

‘Shelter medicine’ is a relatively new phenomenon that has become the latest emerging field among top veterinary colleges.

Protect Animals in Puppy Mills

Learn about puppy mills and their horrific conditions and what you can do to help fight them.

Trap Neuter Return

The humane approach to feral-neighborhood cat control and a proven method in reducing the number of homeless cats.

Dog Fighting

Dog fighting and animal abuse are criminal activities and require police intervention to handle and prosecute.

Q & A with Nathan Winograd

Nathan Winograd was instrumental in advancing some of the most progressive shelter programs in the nation.