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Luna (PAWS Name Pepper Ann)

Sorry it’s taken a little while to respond! It’s been a very hectic week. Luna has been adjusting really well! She…

Berganza (PAWS Name Sapphire)
cip and berg

  Sorry for the delayed response. Everything is going well with Berganza. Berganza is getting along great with our other dog,…


Julian is doing very good. I have kept his name as I already really liked it and it suits him well….

Peanut (PAWS Name Renault)

Things are going great with Peanut (PAWS name: Renault).  We absolutely love him.  He is such a great dog.  He is…

Padfoot (PAWS Name Judd)

Hello!! So far things have been going very well! We have renamed Judd to Sirius “Padfoot” Black (yes, from Harry Potter)….

Walter (PAWS Name Columba)

Good Morning, We love having Columbo (now Walter) as a new member at our house. He is so sweet and a…

Jax (PAWS Name Axel)

First of all, we’d like to thank PAWS, especially the staff at the Lurie Clinic, for giving us the opportunity to…


Hi!   Thank you for giving us our newest family member! He’s made himself right at home … And is clearly…

Nolita (PAWS Name Pear)

We are definitely finalizing our adoption. Nolita (formerly Pear) is the happiest puppy in the world and makes our family complete….

Batman (PAWS Name Jonathan)

Hello, I just wanted to update you on me and my failed foster, Batman! (Paws name, Jonathan). I have officially adopted…

Doha (PAWS Name Spud)

We love our new little kitty Doha and he is already a big part of the family. Of course we want…

Max (PAWS Name Fig)

Thank you for reaching out to us. Fig (now named Max) is a great addition to our family and loves it…

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