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Peggy & Sue (PAWS names Mary Kate & Ashley)
Mary kate & Ashley

The two dogs that my husband and I adopted on 8/2/14 (PAWS’ Mary Kate and Ashley, that we renamed Peggy and…

Jolene (PAWS name Yarema)

We met Yarema (now named Jolene) on our first visit to PAWS a little over two weeks ago.  We knew there…

George (PAWS name Piccolo)

I wanted to send along my gratitude to the staff at PAWS for helping me find the perfect kitten.  I adopted…

George (PAWS name Westinghouse)

George is doing great. He claimed my office as his hang out room when nobody is around. When I’m home he’s…

Fluffy (PAWS name Laci)

I sent  a email after the first two weeks, yes we did change Laci name to Fluffy. Fluffy is doing great…

Tovi (PAWS name Lando)

The kitty’s new name is Tovi.  He and Farfel (my 7 y/o cat) are getting along splendidly, as are he and…

Chloe (PAWS name Cricket)

Hi! We are happy to report that we have had a great two weeks with “Cricket” (now named Chloe). We are…

Quatre “Cat” (PAWS name Kiwi)

Kiwi – new name Quatre “Cat” is doing great!  We had our first obedience class with her last night, but honestly…


JoJo is doing awesome! He just finished his basic obedience training with the Paws team this week. He’s gone from a…

Bella (PAWS name Hazel)

Thank you for reaching out! Things are going great with Bella (previously Hazel). Bella is a little bundle of rambunctious puppy…

Ronin (PAWS name Douglas)

We renamed “Douglas” Ronin! We just completed Puppy school on Wednesday! Ronin is very smart and learning lots of new tricks!…


Hi. Anita is doing great. She still has an accident in the house every once in a while but we are…

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