PAWS Alumni

Byrdie (PAWS name Chickies)

Chickies is doing very well in her forever home. She loves her brother and is quite the hyper girl but loves…

Luna (PAWS name Anastasia)

Luna is the most socially comfortable dog we have had. She loves everyone, dogs and people alike. Training was a bit…

Bruno (PAWS name Norton)

Bruno (aka Norton) is doing great. We are totally in love with him.  Lucy, my other Chihuahua is finally playing with…


From Joan: We kept Akamai’s PAWS name which in Hawaiin means intelligent which is very apt, but knicknamed him Aki.  He…


Yetti is doing well. She is growing fast and is getting stronger every day. She seems happy and has a ton…

Biscuit (PAWS name Gertrude)

Here is an adorable one of Biscuit the day we brought her home. I will follow up with a more current…

Sara (PAWS name Lio)

It is two weeks and one day with my new Border Collie that I adopted from Paws. I am enjoying taking…

Mila (PAWS name Pims)

Things with Mila are going GREAT. Loki and her are getting along swimmingly and she is really letting her personality shine….

Penny (PAWS name Picasso)

Things are going great with Penny (formally Picasso)!  She just finished training at PAWS two weeks ago and we have been…

Henry (PAWS name Timon)

Henry is doing great, he’s house broken and not caged anymore.  We haven’t gone to a trainer, we’ve been working with…

Loki (PAWS name Jose)

We’re doing well! We changed his name to Loki, and he has settled right in with us. We finished puppy obedience…

Special thanks to Sabrina Nizzi for dog and cat videography.

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