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Top 8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Sep 05, 2019

#AdoptDontShop! But why? We’ll tell you! Click here to see why adopting from PAWS is better for you, animals in need, and the greater Chicagoland area

There’s no doubt that shelter pets need you, but did you realize how much you needed a shelter pet? Below are just eight of the countless reasons to adopt.

  1. It’s science! According to PscyhologyToday, pet owners are far healthier and happier than non-owners. There’s a significant increase in conscientious, active, and social behavior among pet owners, whereas nonowners report loneliness and low self-esteem. The pursuit of happiness begins and ends with a snout and a tail!
  2. When you rescue a PAWS animal, you’re rescuing a healthy animal. Our shelter animals will be completely up-to-date on shots, vaccines, microchipping, and vet visits upon adoption. 
  3. All the single ladies put your hands up! (Guys too).Adopting a pet increases your social network. Imagine the friends, chosen-family, and potential suitors you could meet while parading your precious pet through the park. The rescue community is a vast, welcoming crowd. If you like it, put a leash on it!
  4. Increase your zzZs! Studies show that sleeping with a pet increases the quality of your sleep and helps you fall asleep faster and for longer. The benefits don’t stop with you, though. Your pet’s health improves from your companionship while snoozing as well! 
  5. Flex your philanthropy muscle. There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving a shelter animal the loving sanctuary they need in order to survive. Adoption also helps to dismantle puppy mills! Feel that instant, charitable gratification. Visit a PAWS location today.
  6. Get your kids off the iPad and into the park! Children who grow up with animals are more likely to play outside than their pet-less counterparts. 
  7. When you adopt, you’re saving not one but two animals. How? Easy. Giving one pet your heart and home opens up space in the shelter for another pet in need. Be the hero your dog will forever perceive you to be.
  8. Unconditional love! A pet’s love has no limits, judgments or expiration dates. And you’ll never have to watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns alone on a Friday night again. Adopting a pet means you gain a best friend forever. 


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