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They weren’t looking for Deuce, but then they heard him howl.

Aug 06, 2019

In Hollywood, they call it a “meet cute,” when the guy and the gal aren’t thinking about lifetime love, but it finds them anyway. Usually, there’s a disaster or two before the happy ending.

Fosters Laura and Drew weren’t necessarily looking for Deuce, but it’s a good thing he found them. Deuce came to PAWS Chicago in September 2018 and was adopted and returned 3 times before finding his foster family... that would eventually become his permanent family! Three times returned is tough on a dog, with the routines and rules, the faces and sounds and smells constantly changing.

"After 4 months of fostering he’s embraced officially becoming a member of the family with lots and lots of howls,” Laura said. “We love him very much and think he’s perfect, 95% of the time. The other 5%, well, he’s Deuce, a coonhound living in the city with an awful lot to say, like making sure everyone knows that THERE’S A SQUIRREL OVER THERE AND I HAVE TO GET TO IT."

We're so thankful that his family understands his quirks and embrace him for them! Happy tails, Deuce!