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Smoochin' Pooches

Feb 05, 2020

In the spirit of this the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’d love to share this love story with you. Be warned, it’s so sweet you might get a cavity.

Bob and Ellen came to PAWS Chicago separately and each with their own trials and tribulations. Both dogs suffered from severe separation anxiety, but when they met at PAWS, their fears seemed to dissipate quite quickly. Now, they're inseparable, snuggling, touching and always happiest in the other's presence.

After they met at PAWS, they became joined at the hip. Most bonded pairs come to the shelter already bonded, but Bob and Ellen are unique, because they found each other after they arrived here!

This couple calms each other's nerves, quelling their anxieties to a more-than-manageable level. Turns out, all these dogs needed to succeed was each other!

"Bob and Ellen are the sweetest pair. They're both provided their own beds, but they choose to squeeze on the same one to sleep. Bob even protects her while she's sleeping, resting his head on her hip and standing, well, laying, guard as people pass by to ooh and aw!" said PAWS Social Media Manager, Nicole Verkamp.

Are you Bob and Ellen's forever family? Find out now by taking the PAWS Chicago ComPETibility Quiz. You can also meet the pair at the Lincoln Park Adoption Center's Valentine's Event from February 12th to the 15th.