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Make Your Miles Matter

Feb 05, 2020

Whether your New Year's resolution was to run a marathon or a 5k, we've got you covered! Both the annual Shake Your Tail, Couch to 5k and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon are right around the corner! Run with TEAM PAWS and make your miles matter by saving lives.

When you run with TEAM PAWS, your fundraising goes directly towards our lifesaving, No Kill mission. See below for some winning fundraising tips and tricks: 

  1. Start early Get a head start on your fundraising! The earlier you reach your goal, the less you will have to stress while training for the big day.
  2. Set smaller goals with email and social media blasts Plan short but sweet weekly or biweekly email and social media blasts to remind friends and family to donate.
  3. Get donations matched Many corporations have matching programs, so ask your company if they can match what you raise! When you make a donation, companies with matching programs will match your contribution. The outcome is that you get the opportunity to give twice as much money as you raised!
  4. Host events Whether it's a bake sale or a dinner party, host events that will drum up donations. Focus on your strengths-if you're a personal trainer, host a bootcamp. If you're an accountant, offer your math mind for a day in exchange for contributions.
  5. Raid your wardrobe Move over, Spring cleaning. Marathon cleaning is here! Clean out your closet and sell your clothes. You can utilize sites like Poshmark and Depop, or you can just hop over to your local consignment shop!
  6. Set a challenge Challenge your most competitive friends and family to a bake-off and see who can raise the most money for you! A little friendly competition could be just what your fundraising efforts need.
  7. Follow up! Make sure to follow up with the people who show interest in donating.