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Help Us Save More Sick Dogs from the City Pound

Nov 10, 2015

Many homeless dogs are at risk this holiday season because of the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV), which came to Chicago this year from Asia.

CIV is a flu, not a life-threatening disease, but dogs who have it are contagious for up to 30 days. Duriing that time, they can easily spread it to any dog they come in contact with. Learn more about CIV >>

As you can imagine, this is a tremendous burden on shelters and rescue groups. Most of the city pound’s transfer partners cannot take in CIV dogs because they do not have isolated medical space to quarantine infected pets.

We are the last hope for many of these wonderful, loving dogs and puppies! At PAWS Chicago we are reconfiguring our Medical Center to be able to take in and care for more of these dogs for the duration of their quarantine.

But we need your help!

Donate toward CIV Medical Expenses

So far this year, PAWS has treated more than 290 animals with CIV, and currently has about 60 in quarantine with the illness, along with many others in foster homes. All of these dogs may need to be isolated for up to 30 days, and some also require advanced medical attention for secondary infections such as pneumonia.

To house and treat 291 CIV-exposed dogs rescued by PAWS between April 2015 when the CIV first hit Chicago and October 2015, we already have incurred nearly $200,000 in unexpected costs, including:

  •  $21,750 to perform swabs to check whether dogs are infected with CIV. Each dog is tested when they arrive and then twice per week during their time at the Medical Center. Cost: $21 each 
  • $18,467 to cover additional veterinarian and tech staff to care for dogs with CIV. Cost: $64 per dog
  • $33,000 to provide medications such as Doxycycline and Clindamycin for dogs. Cost: $115 per dog
  • $43,650 for housing dogs with CIV for 30 days at our Medical Center until they were no longer contagious. Cost: $5 a day or $150 per dog. (Before this epidemic, most dogs stayed at our Medical Center for only about three days each.)
  • $60,390 in additional expenses for four animal care givers at our Medical Center: Cost: $400 per day

By donating, you are helping us take in and save more dogs that may not otherwise survive.




Fostering a CIV+ Dog!

If you don’t have a dog yourself, or if your dog has immunities because he already had CIV, you can be a foster parent and literally save a life!  CIV dogs must not be fostered in condominiums or other high-traffic homes where your foster will come in contact with other dogs. Puppies and small dogs can be kept inside and paper trained.

Please email and mention CIV Foster in the subject. Learn more about becoming a CIV foster >>

Medical Center Expansion
To make Chicago a No Kill city, we must expand our Medical Center to save more animals. We are planning to build out 25,000 square feet space of space adjacent to our current Medical Center. The new space will house isolation rooms for sick and injured cats and dogs, exam spaces to support the increase in intakes, indoor dog play spaces to provide enrichment for recovering dogs, an expanded spay/neuter clinic and a foster welcome area. The facility will be able to house hundreds more dogs and cats at a time, without the risk of spreading contagious disease. Learn more about the Medical Center Expansion >>