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Halloween Tips

Oct 04, 2019

It’s scary how a fast a fun Halloween can turn dangerous for your pet! Sure, we want to see your animals strut their stuff in a skeleton costume, but we also want to make sure they are happy and healthy while celebrating this spooky season.


What we humans find yummy can be quite dangerous for our four-legged friends! Make sure to lock candy away, because your pet’s keen sense of smell will lead them to even the best hiding spots. Contact your local veterinarian right away if your pet ingests Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol, an artificial sweetener.

Glow in the Dark

Glowsticks are fun for kids and pets alike! Cats especially love to play with glowsticks and have been known to puncture them. Most glowsticks are labeled as non-toxic but have an extremely bitter taste and will produce drooling in your animal. A small treat for the pet will usually stop the taste reaction.

Don’t Get Lost

All the ghouls and goblins out on the streets this Halloween may scare your pet and cause them to bolt. If you plan on taking your pet out after dark, make sure to put on a reflective collar that is securely leashed. Proper identification and a correctly registered microchip may be the path that brings your pet back home if they were to stray.

Keep Calm

Even if you plan on spending this creepy, crawly day indoors, pets may experience intense anxiety about the large volume of visitors. The best way to make your pet feels safe would be to keep your pet away from the trick-or-treaters. A room far away from the front door with some background noise and a toy should keep your pet occupied. Be sure to reach out to your veterinarian about options to keep your pet calm if you feel your pet may be too uncomfortable.

Cute But Comfortable

Few people can resist the cuteness of your pet in a pumpkin costume, but make sure the costume fits well! A poorly fitted costume can cause your pet to slip and tangle or become a choking hazard if chewed on.