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Fudge's Fateful Finale

Feb 05, 2020

We first met Fudge back in 2009, a stray suffering medical issues and blindness. He was only at PAWS Chicago for a couple days the first time, but in 2019, he was back in our care for eight months before he found his forever family.

Photos Courtesy of Mark Lukas

Fudge is a tough, little guy, though. Somehow, his condition never broke his spirit. Now, at the tender age of 15-years old, Fudge finally found his happy ending.

Before finding his forever through the power of social media, Fudge spent some time with one of our amazing fosters, Mark Lucas. He received a package while he was at the Lukas home that proves just how much he's touched the lives of everyone he meets.

"The postman delivered a package addressed to Fudge Lukas, a box twice the size of Fudge," Mark said.

Opening his surprise package revealed a beautiful, soft, warm fleece blanket. Blind Fudge couldn't see it, but he started bouncing up and down as if he wanted to get in the box.

In the box was a note, and since we think Fudge is also deaf, his foster held him against his chest, hoping that Fudge could feel the words as they were read to him:

"Dear Fudge, I just made this blankie for you-I hear you LOVE them! Homemade ones are the best! Wherever your journey takes you- let it be a reminder that you are loved by MANY!"

The package was from Lukas' friend, who was very touched by Fudge and his story.

Not long after, Fudge found his permanent family. This special dog is finally sleeping in his very own dog bed at his forever family's home with the beloved gifted blankie every night.