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From Intake to Adoption: The Journey of a Homeless Pet

by Julie Mazzola | May 01, 2012

The Journey of a Homeless Pet

Each year, more than 17,000 homeless pets are killed in traditional “open door” Chicago shelters because they do not have a home. Although many of these animals are sick or injured, the vast majority are treatable and would make wonderful, loving pets if given a chance. Each year, PAWS Chicago is giving thousands of pets that opportunity. PAWS Chicago goes to Chicago Animal Care & Control (ACC), the city pound, almost every day and rescues as many pets as there is room. Thanks to generous donor support, PAWS Chicago is able to take in animals who are sick, injured or have socialization needs. Every pet is treated as an individual and is given a guarantee of life. We followed two of their stories.

At ACC, a PAWS Chicago veterinarian gave Bennett and Gabriella an initial medical check, including a blood test and ringworm test, cleaned their ears and gave them their first round of vaccinations. Gabriella was given a temperament test by PAWS Chicago’s Intake Coordinator to ensure she was safe to interact with people and other animals. After being cleared, Bennett and Gabriella boarded the transport van and headed to PAWS Chicago’s Rescue & Recovery Center

The next day, PAWS Chicago veterinarians gave Bennett and Gabriella full medical examinations to determine if they needed special medical treatment and ensure they were strong enough for their spay/ neuter surgeries. They were also given a final round of vaccinations and a microchip so that they would never be lost again. Both were in very good health and were cleared for surgery.

Later that day, Bennett and Gabriella were brought to the Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic where they received their spay/neuter surgeries. Bennett and Gabriella are two of the more than 18,000 pets who will receive a spay or neuter surgery this year.

Here, Bennett and Gabriella wake up from anesthesia after their surgeries.

The next day, Bennett and Gabriella were transferred to PAWS Chicago’s state-of-the-art Adoption Center, where the search for their new families began.

At PAWS Chicago’s Adoption Center, rather than being put in a cage, Bennett and Gabriella were treated to large sunlit rooms with plush pillows and classical music, as well as interaction with volunteers who provided enrichment and socialization.

Fortunately, Bennett was adopted the day after he arrived at the Adoption Center. Gabriella was adopted three days after she arrived. Within a four- and six-day period, Bennett and Gabriella, whose futures were uncertain as strays, were given the gift of life. PAWS Chicago will remain committed to Bennett and Gabriella for the rest of their lives, should anything happen to their new families.