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Big day for Chicago's homeless cats!

Jan 06, 2016


Today is a big day for homeless cats in Chicago and a wonderful start to the New Year. 

For the first time in memory, all cats in need of rescue from Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC), the city pound, were saved and have the chance to find new, loving homes.

PAWS Chicago picked up the approximately 30 cats today, and for perhaps the first time, the cat pavilion at CACC is empty – a wonderful achievement for the rescue community of Chicago. (The only cats that remain at CACC are those that are on a legal hold to allow time for owners to locate them and cats that have already been admitted to the CACC adoption program.)

To understand the importance of this day, it means NO CATS will in danger of being euthanized tonight at CACC simply because they do not have homes. 

This occasion is part of a bigger trend as Chicago moves closer to becoming a No Kill city. During 2015, according to newly released data from CACC:

  • 6,971 cats were brought into CACC, compared to 8,611 in 2014.
  • 1,148 cats were euthanized, compared to 1,918 in 2014.

CACC works with approximately 180 rescue groups, humane societies and other agencies through its Homeward Bound transfer program to get animals out of the shelter and on their way to new homes.

As PAWS pulls more cats from CACC, we are in need of more temporary foster care homes. Foster families help cats get ready for adoption by providing a place to rest and recover. If you are interested in fostering one of the cats saved from CACC, please email us at or fill out our foster application form.

Meet some of the very special cats saved from CACC:

Puff was brought in by someone who didn't have a lot of information about her history. According to CACC volunteers, "She is very friendly and loves attention. She jumps up to greet you and wouldn't stop purring even after I walked away. I could handle her all over and seems to crave attention. Such a sweetheart!" (Photo: CACC Cat Transfer Team)

King was actually transferred to PAWS last night because he was in such bad shape. At the PAWS Medical Center, he was immediately placed on oxygen because of a severe upper respiratory infection and was also treated for dehydration.

Rambo was found as a stray in the 9900 block of South LaSalle Street. He came to CACC with a large growth above his right eye and was obviously very uncomfortable. The vets removed the mass but it may still impact his sight. He’s “now he's a big sweetie rolling around in his cage for pets, and begging for attention,” according to volunteers at CACC. Rambo is also FIV positive so he will need special foster and adoption families to take care of him. See video of Rambo here. (Photo: CACC Cat Transfer Team)