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A Rescue For The Ages

Sep 05, 2019

How did PAWS’s longest resident find his happy ending? It began with a simple phone call. Read more about the 16-year-old cat, Pierre, here.

Nearly half a decade. Four years. One quarter of this 16-year-old cat’s life was spent at PAWS. He was PAWS’ longest tenured animal. And now, he has a new family who loves him.

Pierre is a beautiful black-and-white cat whose life has been marked with gray. Homeless, unwanted and needing care, he came to PAWS as a senior cat - and stayed four years. He was a staff favorite all that time due to his amazing temperament, even while he was receiving twice-daily insulin shots to treat his diabetes. But he needed something more— another family.

Cue Pierre’s adopter – Madeline! She called PAWS and asked which animals had been there the longest, and wept when she heard about Pierre, PAWS’s longest tenured resident.

His adopter, who happens to be a vet tech, came to meet him, and instantly fell in love. Then her roommate, a veterinarian, visited Pierre later that night, and immediately approved.

As Pierre was whisked away to his new chateau, the staff said their goodbyes to their beloved friend. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. We’re thankful Pierre has a new family, even as we know he’ll always be a part of ours.


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