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Development Board

Coming together, making an impact

PAWS Chicago Development Board members serve as ambassadors to the Chicago community.

They are impassioned animal lovers that are accomplished professionals, representing a broad range of corporate, philanthropic and civic organizations. Board members are engaged in the issue of pet homelessness and committed to helping PAWS Chicago obtain the resources it needs to continue to grow lifesaving programs and ultimately build a No Kill community.


Raising Awareness

Development Board members are true ambassadors of PAWS Chicago and homeless animals, raising awareness in their professional, civic and social circles. They serve as PAWS Chicago representatives at signature events each year, from engaging passers-by at Angels with Tails adoption events each summer to supporting lifesaving adoptions and outreach while volunteering to hosting our most important fundraising events.

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Providing Support

The Development Board is charged with providing, facilitating and securing the resources needed to operate PAWS Chicago’s life-saving programs. With continued growth every year, the Development Board’s efforts continue to expand, including:

  • Leading two signature fundraising events: the Beach Party in July and the Fur Ball in November
  • Overseeing the annual Desktop Calendar, featuring community members and their pets
  • Contributing and raising funds to support the PAWS Chicago Adoption Centers, the Lurie Spay/Neuter Clinic and outreach and education programs

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All Development Board members are expected to become or solicit event sponsorship, providing annual support that is fully tax deductible and directly supports PAWS Chicago’s operations. Involvement in Board committees and volunteering is encouraged.

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New members are accepted on an ongoing basis. To begin the application process, they are asked to submit a resume and a statement of interest. From there, a Development Board or PAWS Chicago representative will meet with the applicant. 

If you are interested in joining the PAWS Chicago Development Board, please send an email with a resume and statement of interest included.

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Meet the Development Board

Development Board Executive Officers


Julie Conway | President
Anita Mauro | Vice Presidents
Wayne Gailis & Julie Miller | Ambassador Co-Chairs
Katie Jones | Professional Board Liaison
Bonnie Spurlock, Nancy Sterling & Judy Tullman | Hospitality Co-Chairs


Development Board Members

Donald Allerton Kimberly Gleeson Karen Maisa Regina Savage
Sharon Axelrod Suzie A. Glickman Joanna Mallers Allison S. Schatz
Nancy Baird Deb Gold Christine Mallul Haley Schulman
Janice Beck Janice Goldman Picker Joseph M. Manicki Mitch Serrano
Sharon Bergen Alison Victoria Gramenos Elaine Markoutsas Stan Siuta
Dustin Bertram Merle Gross Anita L. Mauro Maria Smithburg
Aileen N. Blackwell Elly Greenspahn Daniel P. Mauro Peggy G. Sorenson
Lynn Block Ramona Griffin Kristina McGrath Patricia S. Spratt Bauer
Renata M. Block Margie E. Habermann Thomas McGuire Bonnie L. Spurlock
Robert Block Amy Halstead Irene Michaels Fred Steingraber
Benjamin Bornstein Lauren Hamlin Amy Mick Nancy Sterling
Walter Brindell Meda Hatcher Julie Miller Lynne A. Stylos
Nicole Brown Gary Haut Kurt Miller Edmund Sweeney
Jennifer Burg Beth Hayden Michele Mistovich Lesley Sweeney
Melissa Canning Frances C. Henkel Robert Montgomery Jo Ann Sweig
Jessica S. Canning Stephanie Henry Rita Moore Robin Tennant
Pamela G. Carey Virginia H. Holden Pam Myerson-Gratz Jaclene Tetzlaff
Lindsay Carlton Kathryn Hopper Saq Nadeem Nancy Timmers
Deborah L. Chapman Robert Hovermale Esther Newman Andrew Tobin
Tara Clack Bell Holly Hunt Michelle Newman Heidi A. Torrence-Simon
Melissa Cocagne Susan Jacobson Scott Newman Howard A. Tullman
Julie Conway Shari Johnson Dawn O'Neal Judith K. Tullman
PJ DeCamp Katie Jones James O'Neal Amy L. Turk
Angie DeMars Candace Jordan Nancy Officer Mallory Ulaszek
Jackie Donnelly Robert Kabakoff Maria Pandolfo Mark VanGorder
Tracy Drake Susan L. Karkomi Anne Marie Peretz Laura Wallace
Pamela Duffy Brittany Kirk Ashley Pettit Carol Walter
Elaine Duffens David M. Klaskin Pamela G. Phillips Weston Julie Weisler
Matthew Evan Duvall Michelle Koss Bernice N. Pink J. Patrick Welch
Rick Eddington Brigette Kragie Stephanie Prousis Michelle Welton
Alexis Fasseas Cheri Lawrence Suzanne Prysak Dori Wilson
Paula Fasseas Linda Leahy Ashley Quicksilver Heather Yeager
Candace Fates Suzanne LeMignot Laurie Randolph Mark Yeager
Steven Fatora Sheryl Lesch Barbara Rinella Wesley Yee
Virginia L. Follmer-Stafman Hannah Levine Sharon Rosenthal Michael Yetnikoff
Susan Frank Leigh Levy Jennifer Rosner Amy W. Yu
Adam Fried Nancy MacIntosh Robin Ross Christopher Zachary
Wayne R. Gailis Amy Mack Erin Runnels  
Laurie Gentle Victoria Magnus Rebecca Sanchez