About the Adoption Center

The PAWS Chicago Adoption and Humane Center is located in the heart of Chicago’s own Lincoln Park neighborhood, designed to meet all the needs of its homeless canine and feline guests, while welcoming and encouraging involvement from the community.

PAWS Chicago is redefining the whole concept of “animal shelter.” This bright, welcoming, accessible home-away-from-home for homeless animals is in the heart of one of the most progressive and animal-friendly communities in the country. PAWS Chicago is now revolutionizing the sheltering of Chicago’s homeless animals by opening the first state-of-the-art, cageless No Kill shelter in the Midwest.

At 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue, the PAWS Chicago Adoption and Humane Center is surrounded by thousands of young people, families, and retail stores, with lots of activity and foot traffic to attract volunteers and adopters.

PAWS Chicago has consulted with sheltering and behavior experts across the country to ensure that the design, operations, and practices of the new Center will offer the best temporary care and comfort for the homeless animal guests, while easing their transition into permanent homes once adopted. The Center’s innovative features will enhance the physical and emotional health, and therefore the adopt-ability, of its homeless dogs and cats, with:

  • Suites instead of cages to ensure a quiet, relaxed environment
  • Ventilation system with 100% fresh air flow to eliminate disease transmission
  • Enrichment area for daily exercise, agility and training
  • Matchmaker program to match pet characteristics to adopter’s lifestyle
  • Treatment & Medical Care Center to treat all animals

Learn about naming a room at the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center! →

If you are interested in building a state-of-the-art, No Kill shelter in your community, our team can provide guidance.  Email Sue Davis at sdavis@pawschicago.org for more information.


Watch the Grand Opening of the Adoption Center from 2007!