About No Kill

About No Kill

PAWS Chicago is proud to be part of the No Kill movement that has challenged the methods of traditional animal sheltering.

No Kill Revolution

The story of animal sheltering, rise of No Kill, and outlining the future for homeless pets.

Revolutionizing Sheltering to Stop the Killing

PAWS Chicago is part of a No Kill revolution that started in San Francisco in 1994 and is now sweeping across the nation.

When is No Kill Truly No Kill?

Before making the decision to adopt from or donate to an animal shelter, the key is to truly know how a shelter defines No Kill.

Transforming Animal Sheltering

PAWS Chicago’s No Kill model is spreading across the nation, and even in foreign countries.

Transparency in Animal Sheltering

A proposed law would cause shelters to work harder to save more animals by stopping misrepresentation of animals

Why Transparency?
Richard Avanzino

Richard Avanzino built the first No Kill city as a Director of the San Francisco SPCA and became the first President of Maddie’s Fund.