Tovah Goodman


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


How did you come to adopt?

I have always had animals growing up so when my fiance and I got a place together we knew we wanted to start our own fur family. I started volunteering in dog town in May 2017 since I have always considered myself more of a dog person but we soon realized we did not have the time or finances to take care of the dog, so I went to visit kitty city at the end of each shift. I looked for weeks but didn't feel a connection until a 1 year old Tortie rubbed up against me and the same day she came home. The second kitty came along when we realized Lovie was not so great home alone. "I will never get a kitten," I told my fiance thinking they were too much work and you had no clue what they would turn out like. The very next day Garfield joined us as well.

Tell your PAWS Chicago story, focusing on the impact PAWS has made on your life:

PAWS has not only given me two of my best friends, but given two cats a forever buddy. They cuddle and sleep together! I never thought I would own one, yet alone two cats but by PAWS helping me understand cats, I have the best ones anyone could ask for. I have officially become a cat lady!