Nancy Sterling


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


Adoption Location: 

26th Street. Two months before the Clybourn adoption center opened!

Please tell us more about the circumstances and what was done to help your pet:

Lucy had intestinal parasites, coccidia, heartworm disease, hypoglycemia and a badly injured tail that had to be partially amputated.

How did you come to adopt?

I joined the Development Board of Paws Chicago in 2005 and attended the Beach Party fund raiser in July of 2007 where I met Lucy.

Your PAWS Chicago story:

Lucy was rescued by Paws Chicago in Indiana with her Sister. They were found behind a garbage dumpster in three feet of snow in mid-February, 2007. They were only a few weeks old and in very bad physical condition. After going through extensive medical treatment, they were ready to find forever homes. Her sister was adopted quickly but Lucy had a wait ahead of her.


Rochelle Michalek agreed to foster Lucy when a couple who wanted to adopt her had travel plans for a few weeks. Rochelle was Paws Chicago’s Executive Director at the time and she and Lucy grew very close. In June Rochelle featured Lucy on CBS Chicago’s Paws dog of the week segment after the couple who committed to adopting Lucy changed their minds.


I met Lucy a few weeks later at the Paws Chicago Beach Party in July, of 2007. She was 5 months old and the life of the party. She was a very happy puppy who thrived on all the excitement and attention at the event. I adopted her a few days later and Lucy has been a Paws Chicago Beach Party Pet-Host ever since. We celebrated our 10-year Anniversary at this year’s fund raiser. As soon as we get close to Castaways her tail starts wagging and her smiles start. She knows she’ll be celebrating the evening with a loving community that gave her the right break in life.


Perhaps it was Lucy’s Television debut all those years ago, but she truly has the personality of a celebrity. She loves the nail salon, shopping along Michigan Avenue and the doggie salon. A friend sent me a Halloween costume for her and I reluctantly tried it on her to send a picture of thanks for the gift. Much to my surprise, Lucy was delighted to strut around as a rhinestone cowgirl and I couldn’t get it off her! She was thrilled with the photo shoot and seemed delighted in posing for the camera! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.


Regardless of whether Lucy is a natural runway girl or if she is accommodating my over indulgence, she sure has come a long way from dumpster where her life started. She is the love of my life.