Kathy Tempinski


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


Your PAWS Chicago story:

Thank you Paws Chicago for the best dog ever! Annie was a star! She was from the Island St Maarten, Neth. She had 10 puppies. All of them got adopted and she was left and I just loved her After adopting Annie I did some fundraising events for PAWS. I held some tables at walk events and raised money in donation jars. I did Santa pictures at a dinner event as I used to be a pet photographer. I raised over $500 in 2 hrs that night I was so honored to help PAWS Chicago. After all, you gave me a beautiful gift! Annie was a star because her photo actually won third place in DogFancy Magazine in the October 2007 issue and she also made the newspaper twice she was very photogenic. She was a very sweet, loving, beautiful dog. I miss her so much. Unfortunately she had cancer and died in 2014 at age 12. Thank you PAWS Chicago for giving me the best gift in my life. I miss Annie so much, and thank you PAWS Chicago for all you do for animals. One of my favorite animal organizations!