Emilie K.


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


How did you come to adopt?

One day in December I was cruising the internet looking at available dogs in the Chicago area and I saw PAWS was having an Adopt-a-thon in 2 hours! I hurried over and found our little buddy.

Your PAWS Chicago story:

I went to PAWS Adopt-a-thon in December "just to look", as I had been wanting to add a second dog to our family. We already had an eight-year-old pointer mix named Clementine (also a rescue) who has enriched our lives immensely, but I had been feeling it was time to start looking for a companion as she seemed to be cruising into her golden years a little lonely (and taking naps most of the day!). I thought a companion dog might do her some good and I also didn't want to wait until she was elderly, when a new dog might be too stressful. So, I arrived at PAWS that day with one of the available dogs in mind, but the moment I saw "Macaroni" I knew he was the one! He looked like an original "Heinz 57" dog with a fantastic curly coat, cutest darn face, and an exuberant and happy personality. After spending some time with him and letting Clementine give the final go-ahead with her approval we headed home. Since that time "Macaroni" got a new name: "Otto". He has been a fantastic addition to our home. Having him around has really helped Clementine get more exercise, and while she had a few weeks of not really knowing why he was always around, they now take naps together and play games in the yard. I have even noticed Clementine is more sociable with other dogs since Otto has come into our lives! Otto is a great little guy - extremely cuddly and sweet, and overall happy dude. I am so thankful I went to PAWS that fateful day and found our "Otto". He is our forever pet and has really completed our little, happy family. Thank you PAWS!