Daron Teske


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


How did you come to adopt?

The cat love of my life, Lady, passed away in March 2015. This cat and I had the best relationship. She followed me everywhere, was on my lap as soon as I sat down, slept with me every night, and was my all around companion on hard days. I went on a vacation and my brother who was taking care of her called one day to say she wasn't looking good. She ended up passing away while I was on vacation and I was absolutely heartbroken. Words still can't describe the feelings I went through over her loss. A few months later I was still lonely and ready for a new kitten in my life. I went to PAWS and fell in love with Tamale, who was sleeping in the litter box. She no longer sleeps in the litter box but she is the strangest, clumsiest, most adorable little button nose in my life.

Your PAWS Chicago story:

I heard about PAWS long before I ever adopted from PAWS. The stories I heard were always positive so I knew when it was time for me to adopt, there would only be one place to go. I am so happy every day when I walk in the door and see Tamale and PAWS had a big part in that happiness.