Allison Bradley


How did you come to adopt?

During my recovery after a health scare, I had been searching for a dog to lower my blood pressure, give me a reason to get up and walk in the morning, etc. etc. etc.


Admittedly, my husband and I were tempted to buy from a breeder, but upon further research realized just how important adoption is. We became educated on how many animals are confined to shelters every year, and felt compelled to adopt *not shop*. Our Lincoln Park Adoption counselor Don affirmed this sentiment when he shared that when you adopt you're helping 2 animals: the one you're bringing home + the next animal that will come in its place (since there's more room in the shelter).


Adoption just seemed like the right thing to do.

Your PAWS Chicago story:

Our PAWS Chicago experience changed our lives. Initially we were scared about the commitment of adopting if it wasn't a great fit. The head trainer at Lincoln Park talked to us about fostering and we realized that was the option that was right for us. Well, after fostering a 4-year-old yorkie for a mere 2 nights, we realized that he was exactly where he was meant to be.


Our time with him has been such a joy. Our little guy has tons of energy. Some of his favorite things about his new life include long walks around Lakeview, back scratches, and his plush doggie bed. He loves attention - if no one is sitting on the couch scratching his belly, then he follows people around the house & stares with his doughy brown lover eyes until we relent and head back to the couch.


Lars is such a good boy and sleeps perfectly all night long in his cozy crate next to our bed. He doesn't make a sound until around 6:45 am when he politely lets us know it's time to go out.


THANK YOU for making our adoption experience such a rewarding one. Every single person we interacted with was so kind and resourceful, and I can confidently say that we wouldn't have taken this leap without the guidance of everyone we talked to at the Lincoln Park Adoption Center.