Adrianna Lohnes


Year first involved with PAWS Chicago


How did you come to adopt?

I wanted a dog when I lived in Boston, but finding an affordable place to rent that allows dogs there was nearly impossible. After getting settled in Chicago, I knew I needed a dog to love to really complete my new life here. Millie has been the perfect addition to my life. I literally have friends who are volunteering to dog sit for her immediately after meeting her...even when I'm in town.

Your PAWS Chicago story:

Adopting through PAWS was a great experience. After seeing some of the other shelters in the city, PAWS Lincoln Park location was beyond welcoming and easy to navigate. All the employees were wonderful and made sure I would leave with the love of my life. Since the day we met, Millie and I have donated and even run in the PAWS 5K to help other dogs find their forever homes. I'm so grateful there is such a great organization like this in Chicago, and makes me even more proud I've decided to call this city home....for me AND Millie.